At times, existing women's shelters are running at full capacity and without beds available, women and children looking to leave their abusive environment are put up in hotels until a space opens up.

Airdrie P.O.W.E.R. provides emergency hampers with basic necessities such as personal hygiene items, diapers and wipes, toiletries and gift cards to women referred to our program who are staying in hotels. This small act of kindness can help alleviate some of the stress being experienced during this scary time by allowing the woman to put her financial resources to other immediate needs. 



Once a month, we offer a free legal clinic for women seeking advice on legal matters related to their domestic abuse situation, such as divorce, custody, and property division. We offer 30 minute appointments for women to have a chance to ask questions of a family lawyer and find out next steps for their individual situation. Contact us for more information or to register for a legal clinic spot.

Legal clinic



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Services & Programs

Day Shelter

Every woman's needs are different, so we work with them to create a personalized plan that will meet their needs at any given time. Our Day Shelter is here to provide a space for women to receive this support.

We focus on safety first, and will connect women to emergency services and shelter if a woman's safety is at risk. 

Not everyone will need to go to an emergency shelter. Some may need legal advice, assistance with forms, a safe phone to connect with family and friends, counselling, or help making sense of things because everything is chaotic. 

 We offer individualized support as long as it is needed, as well as ongoing support as women start their lives, free from abuse. 

Period POWER is a program that supplies those who are in need with menstrual products (tampons, pads, etc.) Clients who come to the day shelter will have an opportunity to sign up for this program. If you are not a client but are in need of supplies, please click here to sign up or for more information.

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